About Us

NAME:             The BusyBissy Arts Theatre House.
ACRONYM:               The BAT House          
SUBSIDIARY OF:   BusyBissy Media Productions (Click to read about them)

We are a performing art subsidiary that seeks to inform, educate, entertain, inspire, nurture, challenge, amaze and empower artists and target audiences with quality live and recorded presentations of a cross section of the finest theatrical works available with the intent to solve problems of information, education and entertainment.

To become the No.1 nationally accepted theatrical company that addresses general, private, government, corporate and educational issues using performing arts as well as showcasing Nigeria and indeed Africa's finest artists to the world.

The BATHouse will
1. Offer sales of The BATHouse products. This shop will be opened as soon as we become fully operational.

2. Provide quality theatrical equipment and stage props for purchases and hire. This shop is yet to be opened.

The BATHouse will provide 
  • Artistic services such as voice talents, performing arts etc.
  • Customized productions to meet various corporate and social needs.

Are you contemplating if we can help with that problem of information sharing, enlightenment barriers or simply entertainment services in your business or personal lives, or perhaps we can't.
The chances are, we can.

So contact us today and let's do something different that will whao your target market, audience or loved ones.