How To Register for BATHVoices 2020

This short article is simply to guide you in the registration into our formidable voice team.

Here are the official exact steps to avoid being confused or misguided.

Visit our Crew Signup Hub at and click on BATHOUSE in the menu or up the screen. Read the details you find there.

BULLET NOTES: *You will need to subscribe to us to fill our forms. *There are two of them called BATHVoices Membership Form A and Form B but you will only be able to access Form B after Form A is submitted. *You will be making a payment in Form A. Details on the crew sign up site. *You will also be recording a small audition and uploading any past voice work you have done. *A proof of identity and your picture will be uploaded too. Prep yourself.

Once your Form A has been received, we immediately create your profile slot on our database and send you the Form B to complete your registration. The Form B ask more details about you, your skills, time structure, payment (your revenue) plans etc. Upon submission of this form, you are a proud member of our team!


You will be emailed with details of certain apps and platforms to register on for free. These platforms will be used for varying purposes such as training, team meetings, project discuss and build up etc. Our system incorporates all round development for you; money making, experience gathering, knowledge acquisition, social growth etc.

You attend the inaugural training and immediately get fixed into your sub-teams and start getting busy with projects.

To access other vital information inline with this registration such as terms of service etc. Click here.